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Boro Park OB/GYN

OB-GYNs & Midwives located in Brooklyn, NY

Expanding your family is an exciting time, and having the right support of an experienced obstetrician is one of your first priorities. At Boro Park OB/GYN in Brooklyn, New York, the team of qualified OB/GYN physicians and midwives provide comprehensive pregnancy care for expectant mothers, including on-site ultrasounds and lab work, genetic testing, and monitoring of high-risk pregnancies. A doctor is on call 24/7 for all your pregnancy care needs. To learn more about available pregnancy services, schedule a consultation online or by phone.

Pregnancy Q&A

What can I expect during my prenatal visits?

The doctors and midwives of Boro Park offer a wide range of pregnancy services. From the initial pregnancy screening through childbirth, your doctor or midwife works closely with you every step of the way.

Upon confirmation of your pregnancy, your doctor performs a comprehensive physical exam to determine your due date. You may also undergo initial blood work to check your overall health. The on-site certified laboratory ensures you receive prompt and accurate results.

During these prenatal appointments, your doctor checks your baby’s heartbeat and measures your weight and abdomen to monitor the baby’s growth process. Your doctor also schedules ultrasounds to identify any abnormalities in the baby’s development.

Ultrasounds can also assist your doctor in determining the sex of your baby. Additional lab work may be necessary at various prenatal appoints to check your blood glucose levels for signs of gestational diabetes.

Your doctor schedules regular check-up appointments each month to monitor your pregnancy until week 28 of your pregnancy. Prenatal appointments are then set every two weeks from week 28 to 36. From week 36, you see your doctor weekly until you deliver. More frequent prenatal visits may be necessary for specific medical concerns and high-risk pregnancies.

A doctor is on call 24/7 at Maimonides Medical Center when you’re ready to give birth or if you experience any pregnancy complications.

Will I need a C-section?

The doctors at Boro Park OB/GYN specialize in vaginal birth after Cesarean and have the lowest C-section rate in the tristate area.

If possible, you should avoid a C-section. Getting one increases your risk of uterine rupture during later vaginal deliveries.

The experienced medical team promotes a natural birth when possible and offers comprehensive pregnancy monitoring to ensure a safe delivery. The doctors are also highly skilled in external cephalic version procedures after you’re at 36 weeks of pregnancy. This procedure involves the safe turning of the fetus to a head-down position to improve your chances of delivering vaginally.

What if I have a miscarriage?

At Boro Park OB/GYN, the compassionate medical team offers support and guidance physically and emotionally to help you through the loss of a pregnancy. As part of your care plan, the doctors can perform an on-site dilation and curettage procedure to remove fetal tissue if necessary to prevent infection in a first-trimester pregnancy.

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