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Boro Park OB/GYN

OB-GYNs & Midwives located in Brooklyn, NY

For a holistic approach to your pregnancy and delivery, Boro Park OB/GYN staffs six dedicated and highly experienced midwives at their Brooklyn, New York medical practice. Midwives offer natural care options throughout your pregnancy that benefit your health and the health of your baby. They also offer comprehensive gynecological services to ensure your overall health and well being, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. To learn more about midwifery services, schedule a consultation online or by phone.

Midwifery Q&A

What is a midwife?

The midwives at Boro Park OB/GYN believe firmly in the power of education, communication, and counseling throughout a pregnancy. They focus on providing specialized attention to your overall health and wellness, including your physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and social health before, during, and after pregnancy, using a holistic, natural care approach.

Your midwife provides you with high-quality care throughout your entire pregnancy and during the delivery of your baby. On staff are six highly trained and board-certified nurse midwives who offer a full range of diagnostic and treatment services including:

  • Primary care
  • Gynecologic treatments
  • Family planning services
  • Pregnancy care
  • Childbirth care
  • Postpartum care.

Additionally, midwives also provide newborn care and guidance for the first 28 days of your baby’s life, including breastfeeding support.

At Boro Park OB/GYN, you are encouraged to meet with the midwives at least one time throughout your pregnancy to familiarize yourself with the services they offer for ensuring a safe and happy delivery.

What can a midwife do?

Licensed nurse midwives can provide a wide range of comprehensive gynecological and obstetrics services including:

  • Performing physical examinations
  • Prescribing medications, including birth control
  • Admit, manage, and discharge hospital patients
  • Order and interpret lab and diagnostic test

Besides these services, your midwife actively participates in the prevention of diseases and promotion of women’s wellness through education and counseling. They also guide you on proper nutrition and fitness throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

In the event of pregnancy complications outside the scope of a midwife’s services, the team of experienced doctors works closely with each of the midwives to provide you with the most comprehensive pregnancy care.

What are the benefits of working with a midwife?

Your midwife understands that the pregnancy and childbirth you experience differs from everyone else’s. They understand the importance of ensuring a safe and healthy labor and delivery as naturally as possible based on your specific needs.

Other benefits of receiving midwife care include:

  • Decreased need for anesthesia
  • Reduced labor induction rates
  • Lower risk of necessary C-section
  • Increase in breastfeeding success
  • Lower infant preterm births and mortality rates

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