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Boro Park Midwifery was founded in 2005 and later saw the addition of the Kliot Midwifery practice in 2008. With continued growth, ever since, we are six licensed and board-certified, full scope midwives who are happy to be serving the diverse communities of Brooklyn, New York. We maintain privileges at Maimonides Medical Center, where a midwife from our group is on call 24/7 to care for you during labor and delivery, or to answer any urgent questions.

As a group practice, we encourage our clients to meet with each midwife at least once during her pregnancy, as getting to know each of us will only increase satisfaction during labor and delivery.

What Is a Midwife?

These services include primary care, gynecologic and family planning services, preconception care, care during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period, care of the normal newborn during the first 28 days of life, and treatment of male partners for sexually transmitted infections. Midwives provide initial and ongoing comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and treatment. They conduct physical examinations; prescribe medications including controlled substances and contraceptive methods; admit, manage and discharge patients; order and interpret laboratory and diagnostic tests and order the use of medical devices. Midwifery care also includes health promotion, disease prevention, and individualized wellness education and counseling. These services are provided in partnership with women and families in diverse settings such as ambulatory care clinics, private offices, community and public health systems, homes, hospitals and birth centers.

How Is Midwifery Different From Obstetrics?

Midwives are the experts in normal pregnancy, believing strongly in patient education, solid communication, and counseling. We believe in underscoring the normal, physiological changes that accompany various stages of a woman’s lifespan. That said, we are also trained in obstetrical complications and quick recognition of deviations from normal that require specialized attention with our consulting physicians. Like midwives, obstetrician-gynecologists are also trained to care for women during pregnancy, labor/delivery and the postpartum period but have been surgically trained in a capacity that midwives are not. They perform cesarean sections and gynecological surgeries, along with specialty training in obstetrical and gynecological medical complications.

Why Choose a Midwife?

Within the realm of safety for mom and baby, a midwife will recognize that no two women’s experiences are the same and will avoid a paternalistic approach to medicine. Midwives understand that one woman may desire hypnobirthing and doula support as she labors, yet another woman may desire an epidural. A midwife will also promote an understanding of the normal, physiological changes that your body will go through and will discuss medical interventions when they may be necessary.

Do Midwives Offer Gynecological Care?

Yes! We are thrilled to see you even if you are not pregnant. We see women for well-woman annual gynecology visits, pap smears, breast exams, lab work, family planning and contraception services and common gynecological concerns.

Pain Relief During Labor

This is a very individual decision for each woman. Epidural anesthesia is available should you desire. Depending on the scenario, intravenous anesthesia may also be an option. Maimonides also has volunteer doulas who can visit and support laboring women. You may wish to bring a birthing ball, private doula, or do hypnobirthing. All of these are viable options and you will have ample opportunities to discuss pain relief and labor support with the midwives throughout your pregnancy!

What Happens If I Need an Emergency Cesarean Section?

One of our collaborating physicians is always present at Maimonides, 24/7. Midwives can recognize and manage several common obstetrical emergencies. However, should obstetrician involvement and/or cesarean section become necessary, our Boro Park Ob/Gyn’s are readily available and on site.

How Do I Contact My Midwife If I Suspect Labor Or an Emergency?

In the event of an emergency or active labor, please call 800-486-8571 to reach the midwife on-call. There is always a midwife on-call, 24/7.

We ask all of our clients to please contact this number to speak with the midwife on-call prior to going to the hospital.

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For more information on our midwifery services, contact us today at 718.972.2700 to schedule a consultation with one of our double board-certified midwives. Our practice serves Boro Park, Flatbush, Williamsburg and surrounding areas in Brooklyn, NY.